• Fascho: Kajian Pendidikan dan Sosial Kemasyarakatan

    Fascho is a scientific journal published by Muhammadiyah School of Teacher Training and Education Bogor. The journal is published biannually in April and October. Fascho aims to accommodate ideas, research results produced by practitioners, thinkers, and experts in the fields of education and learning, especially those related to real problems and creative ethical solutions concerning Learning Methodology (Approach, Media, Method, Model, Strategy), Pedagogy, Educational Philosophy, Educational Psychology, Curriculum, Educational Administration, Indonesian Language and Literature Education, English Education and Early Childhood Teacher Education.

    2716-3334 (online ISSN)         2301-8844 (Print ISSN)

    Fascho: Kajian Pendidikan dan Sosial Kemasyarakatan indexed by :    

  • Jurnal Lingua

    Jurnal Lingua (P-ISSN 2302-402X) menerbitkan artikel hasil penelitian dan artikel konseptual tentang pendidikan bahasa dan sastra Indonesia yang terbit dua kali setahun, yaitu pada bulan Mei dan November. Lingkup topik meliputi: 1) Bahasa Indonesia untuk orang asing, bahasa Indonesia, pengajaran bahasa Indonesia; (2) Linguistik; (3) Linguistik Terapan, dan; (4) Pengajaran Sastra.




  • English Forum

    English Forum Journal (P-2302-3996) is a media to express and share  knowledge, experiences and scientific information to develop our capacity and intellectuality. English Forum is dedicated to all practitioner of EFL education. This Journal coverage includes experimental research, action research, qualitative research, and developmental research (model, media and learning evaluation) aimed to improve the quality and building innovation in  education. Hopefully,  can be a reference for readers and researchers in developing EFL education.


    Jurnal Edutecno  (P ISSN: 2302-2825) adalah Jurnal Publikasi Elektronik Program Studi Administrasi Pendidikan STKIP Muhammadiyah Bogor.    Merupakan Jurnal Pendidikan yang mencakup kajian-kajian bidang Administrasi Pendidikan, yang Meliputi: Manajemen Pendidikan, Kepemimpinan Pendidikan, Supervisi Pendidikan, Pengelolaan Ketenagaan Kependidikan, serta Kebijakan Pendidikan.

  • Jendela Anak

    Jurnal Program Studi Pendidikan Guru Anak Usia Dini (PG PAUD) STKIP Muhammadiyah Bogor untuk publikasi gagasan dan penelitian para pemerhati di bidang pendidikan anak usia dini.